by Hell Money

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Calum Fox - Guitar / Vocals
Leigh McAndrew - Bass / Vocals
Ben Jones - Drums

Tracks I & VI - Recorded by Calum Fox
Tracks II to V - Recorded by Todd Campbell @ SKWAD HQ.
May 2011.

Artwork by Josua Rieber (jrieber@gmx.net)

Other bands featuring members of HELL MONEY are:
A Thousand Arrows, Struck A Nerve, Atlas Smash, The Fox Hunt, Little Red Ambulance.
Calum & Leigh were previously members of A New Day.


Released by Circuit Scene Records in August 2011

This is a DIY release from a DIY label. Any profit made from the sale of this release helps put the band back in the studio to record more tunes. Support DIY bands & labels.

If you download these tracks for free, please check the band out live & buy their T shirts & CD's at a later date.



released August 29, 2011



Australian Tour...
17/08/11: The Bird, Northbridge, Perth
19/08/11: Noise Bar, Bruswick, Melbourne
25/08/11: Airlie Beach VMR, Airlie, Queensland
26/08/11: Heatley Warriors Soccer Club, Townville, Queensland
27/08/11: MoFO, Cairns, Queensland
01/09/11: Fat Louies, Brisbane, Queensland
03/09/11: YMCA, Leederville, Perth

Back in the UK...
11/11/11: Hobo's, Bridgend w. Polar Bear Club & Goodtime Boys



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The label is run by a collective of like minded musicians who have been around the UK punk & hardcore scene for the best part of 10 years +.

Everything we make (which isn't a lot) gets reinvested into the bands so they can continue to record and play gigs.

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Track Name: Glue Melter
When I find the right words,
I will tell you how sorry I am.
Reading your message in this blue book,
it makes my heart sink.
You'll never whisper a word,
stricken by six feet of earth.
Track Name: Icarus
I didn't know the worlds could look so sinister from the safety of your arms.
I'm afraid they'll become atrophied from lack of use and love.

Then how will I sustain long nights?

Through fables I will never learn.
Stop wasting breath on me.
Just leave me to my own device.
Through independence I must find the way.

Sometimes our dreams crumble the foundation we built them upon.
Like using wax to hold wings to your body and fly to the sun.

The world grows darker every day, my blinders are on.
The fire that gives me light keeps me safe and warm.
Track Name: Day 93
I do not have much time to write this.
Our tiny pea green boat is going under.
Despite myself being of little weight, my elephant companion is dragging down our vessel.

I sit at the nose of the boat, high in the air, pondering of deaths in blue salts.

I can see a battered owl and a dying pussycat.
I think of my parents.
I think of my brethren.
All have succumbed to these evil creatures' talons and claws.

I gesture obscenities.
It pains me for thine enemies to view me in such a weakened state.

I notice honey, money and musical instruments.
Riches we discarded to remain afloat.
Track Name: Peter Bellamy
Peter Bellamy was such a brave young boy,
lying about his age at only fifteen years old.
He enrolled in the British Navy in the middle of the Second World War.
When I was young he told me stories,
one about how he helped sink two German ships.
At his funeral I heard about how he jumped off the side of the boat into open waters.
Looking back I realise I am not so heroic.
His part was not as vital as Josua's great Grandfather housing Jews,
but he played his part.
Rushing back to when I was younger,
before he passed away.
Watching an American comedy television show,
he turned to me and said, "It won't be long, until they take over everything".
What were you fighting for, just your country or injustice?
Track Name: Everything Is Holy
The Star of David will burn out like any other star.
It's only a matter of time until the cracks lengthen in the five pillars of Islam.
Begin to wilt like a desert flower.

The reason these will fall,
religions constantly at war.
What would I give for peace.
When God is gone everything is holy.

I guess you got the homophone 'prophet' wrong when Christianity could feed the famished.
Or stop spreading AIDS through the Third World.
As long as the Pope sleeps in silk everything is all right.

The reason these will fall,
religions constantly at war.
What would I give for peace.
When God is gone everything is holy.
Track Name: Claire
No pathetic internet page,
with half-hearted 'sorry's and 'goodbye's,
haunts your fading memories.

Claire deserved so much more.

An untouched, unloved soul,
left on the doorstep of the world.

I can't read that message that you wrote down,
I am sorry for how I treated you.

If I could go back,
I would change.

But I can't do that.